It Takes Energy To Fail

Yes, I said it! 

As long as you breathe air, you are consuming energy. It’s up to you have you spend your energy.  

You can use it to sit and watch tv or you could use it to sit at the computer and book a flight to a destination you’ve always wanted to know. 

In both instances, you’re perhaps using the same amount of energy but you make a choice how to spend it. 

Another example of this is have you ever notice how hard lazy people work at doing nothing?! I mean the effort and energy they put into ducking and dodging so they don’t have to do anything, could be easily converted at a shorter rate on getting the job done. 

Are you using your energy to fail or succeed? 

2 thoughts on “It Takes Energy To Fail

  1. excellent points!
    I am using my every bit of my energy to suceed – whether in one major way or many slighter ways.
    a waste of energy is a waste indeed.
    thanks for sharing.


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