Too often we get caught up with telling everyone what we have going on, what we dream to happen and it turns into a party with drinks and cheers. Unfortunately, the aftermath is a hangover out of this world and no movement towards what you discussed the night before.

An elder once said “As long as your gums are flapping, your feet are waiting for their turn to move.” or an even more familiar one is “You can’t walk and talk at the same time.”

Use your energy being action oriented.  Let your actions speak for you. People are forced to pay attention to results. If you have have people who doubt you or even worse, make you doubt yourself – this is the best way to serve them their crow.

Think about what you want and take a step right now towards it.  Real G’s move in silence anyway.

What’s the move today, Victorious Ones! (Respond after you’ve made it.)

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