Pushing through

Yesterday, I did my first non-sport/work photo shoot. Was very nervous as I’ve never really been the type to smile all up in a camera. Even in team pictures, I would be the one not smiling. Mostly it was because I hadn’t perfected the fake smile and I don’t do fake. But part of my growth is doing more things outside of what I would normally do, in other words “get off my square”. 

After talking to a colleague who always has her face on, she suggested I go to MAC and let them beat my face. So I went and got my makeup done for the cost of some product.  I tried to make choices that pushed me and I honestly I barely recognized myself afterwards.

I had to pick my niece up from daycare on the way to the shoot so I was dressed and the ladies were gushing over me. So embarrassing! Their reactions is one reason I tend to stay low key but it makes no sense to me as I make moves to push myself into the light more. 

The shoot was fun! The photographer listened to me and directed me through about 5 scenes that fit what I’m hoping will reflect my personality. I can’t wait to share them with you. 

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