Let’s Move Something.

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Thing about me is I’m an idea generator (they gush out of me at a pretty steady flow) plus I’m trained to see holes (this tends to cause the direction of my flow to switch) but I also know Im not going to live forever so I can’t save the world, I can only do my part as small or as big as it may be. In doing so, I seek solutions to problems. 
I recently spoke to a wise man about my vision for myself and he asked a simple question that I had to say no to. That question made me come back down to earth and the no removed a veil from my eyes. I appreciated him telling me I was in the people business. 

Now, we could sit around and talk about all the issues of the world but how do we alleviate or even minimize them?! I’m looking to partner with others who have solutions and need help using this platform to get the word out. I want to be known as community resource, community developer, a builder of institutions and a brilliant mind that offers solutions to social problems. 

I don’t want to be part of the wishbone clan but the backbone empire. Let’s lay out the social problems and develop solutions, frameworks and models for people/organizations to use to further their mission. 

Please share me below what do you need help with. 

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