Busting Loose

I love to see the pictures of James Baldwin dancing with pure abandonment.

Despite all the obstacles going on during this time in history, he always was ready to hit the dance floor when the music was right. Shout out to Lorraine Hansberry and Maya Angelou for not letting him dance alone!

Let's let Jimmie lead you on to the dance floor so you too can let loose. Life can be heavy and full of responsibilities and challenges but at the end of the day, a little spontaneity and a two step always lightens the load. Am I lying?

I know I love to break out in song and dance in department and grocery stores. I usually start off with a hand clap, then a finger snap and a head nod before my body slays to the beat and I begin to belt the song out from my soul. I bet I look crazy to the people around me but in that moment my happiness and joy supercedes anyone's thoughts of me.

I know I'm not crazy but I do know that's my jam so I don't deprive myself of the pleasure it induces within me. I literally forget about all the problems in my life and go with the flow.

We all have moments when life is getting heavy and we need to find a light. Where can you always go to loosen life's grip on you?

Share how you loosen up in the comments below.

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