The Audacity

Social Media has a way of making cowards feel like a lion. People say things to strangers they wouldn’t dare say in their face. I also think following others and seeing them on your timeline breeds a sense of familiarity.

Problem is unless you know people in real life, you don’t really know anything other than what they choose to share. It’s amazing the assumptions people make based on what is shared.

Had someone come into my DMs and tell me I wasn’t serious about my journey because I hadn’t reached my goal yet. I looked at that message and saw fire. How dare someone who has passively observed me for years and would probably not recognized me in the streets feel comfortable enough to tell me I wasn’t serious about my journey? It’s easy to do sitting in your recliner while eating your TV dinner.

After I got that out, I was reminded that I didn’t have to defend myself to an observer. I also understood in that moment how important it is to have a purpose for my online shares. I often randomly share things or post a picture that I liked for the sake of it being archived someone besides on my phone.

Lesson learned and 1 that was needed as I focus more and more on curating content directed at the audience I desire to influence and walk with. I will be very deliberate and intentional in my online presence from this point on. This is a good thing.

It’s time to adjust and change directions a bit.

If someone looked at your social media feed, what impression would they have of you? Is it true? What’s your reason for sharing online?

Share with me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The Audacity

  1. I’d hope my cyber-conversation would cause onlookers to look inside for a chance to reflect on self.

    We are what we perceive.

    Most, it seems however suffer from “board-in-eye” and look at another’s perceived shortcomings instead of checking self.

    I suffer from the opposite. What I see exist in my world. Once a man asked me “does anyone else exist in your world besides you?” “Nope, ” I answered because my world is a mirror-reflection of my thoughts. The thing is seeing others as yourself, allows you to make an assessment empathize and exercise compassion. What we share draws others into our world. It helps us to understand each other as well as ourself.

    Your DM whisperer most likely is unhappy with the pace of her/his journey. Somewhere in their life someone chastised and wounded them deeply about completing their goals. If I had to guess, they achieve goals but with little satisfaction that comes from enjoying the ride.

    Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All timelines curate a brand image – one that isn’t necessarily connected to the brand indentity. Think about what the public thinks of 45* compared to what the public thinks of him. We all see ourselves in his reflection and react accordingly.

    Your twitter timeline is filled with jewels. Whenever we engage, I come away feeling fed. You’ve helped me see the value in what I know. Very few humans can help others find value in their data.

    I hope you consider your gifts as you curate what you share.


    1. I agree “we are what we perceive”. I hope more people find moments to self reflect often and make adjustments. You are an evolved being who’s aware and understands the mirror. I don’t take things as personal as I use to but i don’t dismiss without finding myself.

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  2. I also glad that my presence is fulfilling as that is my desire. I love helping people seeing value in what they know and I’m happy that it shines through.


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