New Year, Eternal Love

I’m officially a year older and while I don’t look much different, I feel a shift in my thoughts and energy. For the good.

I took my annual week off to do whatever I wanted and did so with some incident but none worth mentioning.

I spent some time visiting the state of Arkansas relaxing and sightseeing, enjoying some concerts, partying with friends, and watching myself enjoy the pleasures of life. I also got to see the power of the spoken word and I must say I believe in my magic.

I also spent time thinking about my next move and assessing where I am on the road to where I want to be. I’m a few years off realistically of my benchmark goals but I know the universe doesn’t care about time so I just need to be ready for the pop off. I’m decided to put it all out there for the next 3 years and go after the biggest and scariest dreams ever. Reaching for those things that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Excited and naturally afraid of what’s to come but I want no regrets moving forward. Let not any obtainable opportunities go untouched.

It will be a year of eternal love and magic making.

Do you consider your birthday a new year for you? How do you celebrate it?

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