My Field of Dreams

I’m been a bit low key on social media for a minute after my last event.  It was a humbling event for me because it made me really ask myself “WTF are you doing?” Like seriously, I tend to have all these ideas and sometimes that makes unsure on which ones to pull the trigger on.  What’s the saying, “Think long, think wrong.

I knew ahead of time that the event wouldn’t be successful but I felt it was important internally for me to just follow through.  My hope sprung eternal even though I knew this and I thought “what if” so let me be prepared for the possibility.  I spent too much money but I was able to return most of the party items.

It was a “Wine down with a Wish”, then is was “with a Twist” then is was “with a Purpose”. Clearly the only thing that was for sure was there would be wine, right?! I wanted to introduce my group coaching but was unsure how to present and promote it.  As a friend told me, “You were basically bribing people to come to your event with alcohol. You were essentially bamboozling them.” I had to agree and maybe that’s why I knew it wouldn’t work because that’s not my way.  I’m pretty sincere in my approach but this felt confusing.

One thing I enjoyed at the event is I was able to speak to a gentleman about his big dream in life.  You know the scary one and he told what it was and it seemed reasonable and obtainable.  So, I asked him what was his obstacle.  I watched him silently grapple with whether or not he wanted to share something like that with a mere stranger but I looked at him encouragingly and he revealed it.  It was almost like the air of the balloon released in the room especially when I supported his pursuit by providing resources and guidance to remove the obstacles.  It felt great to be able to gain this man’s trust for someone as small as a dream.  But I understand that once upon a time dreaming was expected and then it becomes inappropriate.  No one wants someone to criticize or downplay their dream.

I thank that gentleman for allowing me a chance to see my dream flourish.  I believe that one dream heard and support is a start.  I hope to one day be able to provide others with a safe space to share their dreams and progress towards with support and a gang of fans.  I want to do this locally and offline because I feel so much of our interaction is online that we’ve lost the finesse of connecting in real life and people are experiencing loneliness and isolation at a younger age.

This mission to connect and support dreams pushes me out of my comfort zone because I’m a social butterfly online but I know and desire something tangible more.  See a need and feed it and it often times begins within or close to home. – If you build it they will come.

Questions: Who do you share your dreams with? Would you share them in a group of strangers?

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