Open The Door

My new kitchen is much smaller than my last one and even though I deliberately moved into a smaller space to force myself to downsize, it has been an emotional process to have to let go of things.

I constantly have to remind myself of my WHY.

My spices have been just sitting on my counters waiting for me to deal with them. I’ve been avoiding this task so much that I haven’t even really re-establish my cooking routine. Yesterday, I was over it and decided to assess how much space I truly have so I can handle this spice issue that’s not going anywhere.

I grabbed my stool and opened all my cabinets and was greeted with 3 empty shelves! How did that happen?! What in the world?!

My entire demeanor changed! I can’t even express how excited seeing that made me feel.

I exhaled after holding my breath in my dread and fear for weeks. I exhaled the fear of lack and contraint that had built up unwarranted.

How often do we hold on out of fear?

Holding on hurts way more than letting go ever could but something in our minds won’t let us believe that. I’m here to tell you let go, breathe and open those doors. You will be surprised what you find on the other side.

I now have clean and clutter free counters with room to spice up my life even more. Happiness!

Is there something you have been avoiding to look at because you don’t know what you be required to do once you do?

Let’s change our minds and open some doors.

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