Push Through

I stand on the edge of the cliff daily — waiting.

I know I’m not alone though.  I see you standing there, you might not be as close to the edge as me but you are on the cliff with me.  It’s a constant scene, us standing here as the sunsets and the sunrises.  What are we waiting on?

A sign?

The sign is we are still here.

Honestly, that has to be enough for us to trust that nothing changes until we take the big step or leap into that scary place called the our destiny.

All around us destiny unfolds without a fight.

The seed pushes through the soil to become a sprout. This doesn’t guarantee that it will become a flower, a tree, etc but it pushed through to begin its natural journey.  Be a seed that becomes what it was imprinted to be.

The bird doesn’t live in the nest all its life. There comes a time when it has to trust that its wings what there were designed to do.  Sometimes the mother push the chick out when she notices it questioning its nature and purpose.  Be a bird and use your wings to fly.

Doctors guess or manipulate when babies are born however, if we let nature run its course, babies know when its time to enter the world.  The record for the longest pregnancy was in 1945, a woman named Beulah Hunter carried her baby for 375 days. This is an extra 3 months.  Be a baby and leave the comforts of your environment.

There comes a time when we have to just trust the call to jump even though we are scared shitless. Be what you are being pushed to be.

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