You have a choice

I often tell my clients that more other than not, we do things we don’t like. Things like taking a bath, doing laundry, washing dishes and going to work on Monday. Despite our feelings we do it even though it’s recurring and only maintains a standard of living.

Do you wonder why you can’t do to the same for those activities that will lead us to a place of your dreams?

Wanna lose weight?

  • Change your diet
  • Move your body more
  • Track both until you find what works
  • Make adjustment as needed

This example is classic because as simple as this rinse and repeat formula is, the habits we need to let go is truly what slows down progress. The fear of letting go of that comfort zone prevents us from achieving our dreams.

At some point in life, a decision has to be made to either be about it or be real with it.

Be real about how your fears are bigger than your dreams so stop stressing yourself out over it and go with the flow.

Be about it and feel the fear and discomfort as you work to rebuild, rework and recalibrate your thoughts and habits towards your motivation.

Trust me I know how hard it is to be about it but in the next couple of weeks let’s unpack the thoughts and habits that we allow to hold us back.

What do you want to be about?

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