Need to Increase Productivity?

Kudos to Ixchel at VXXO Studio for continuing to invest in herself and her business goals! She came to me about feeling disorganized and all over the place.  It was suggested that she purchase a journal or planner to carry with her everywhere (until I’m done developing a problem solving product.)

VG: Where did you get the journal you decided on?

Ixchel: I got it from Barnes and nobles on clearance.

VG:  I like that! I need to go look at what BN has left. (No I don’t!) Why did you pick that one?

Ixchel: Because of the calendar on top and the copper cactus, yesss!!

VG: How do you plan on using it?

Ixchel: It will help me stay on top of my weekly goals.

VG: How does the calendar up top work?

Ixchel: You circle your month and day.

VG: I like how you dumped your dates in there. It’s perfect because you can just refer back to it on the go.

Ixchel: I had to use my HUGE calendar as reference.

VG: You are on it! That’s purpose of having a big calendar at home. It serves as a master calendar. Ok, so does this work for your specific needs this year?

Ixchel: Yes, it will help me with setting a goal and sticking to it without getting distracted.

VG: What are you hoping to change by introducing the journal into your life?

Ixchel: To stabilize my productivity with less distractions. Also, I’m hoping to use the empty space to document my randomness for the week any inspirations, inspiring quotes, new ideas or weighed thoughts of creativity that won’t go away.

VG: You got it! That’s the point of having something you can carry everywhere!

Ixchel: I saw the moleskin journal that documents everything in your phone!! 199$ GANGSTA but first I need to get a purse out that fits what I have. (laughs)

VG: I look forward to your check in next month on how things are moving along for you and your art business.

VXXO Studio has been a long time client of the Viela Group. If you are in the Tempe, AZ area you can find Ixchel’s work for sale in the mall at One Mind Emporium store or commission a special one of a kind piece of art for your walls.  She is a teacher, healer, mother and community organizer who is planning to make her international appearance in Ibiza this year. Excited to see what else she will do this year! She can be found on facebook and IG for your artist needs.




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