I help others on their journey to wholeness, engagement and transformation through exploration, healing, loving and leadership during transitions.

As an Explorer, I support my soul clients in:

  • Being courageous on the journey.
  • Discovering new possibilities.
  • Taking the road less traveled.

As a Healer, I support my soul clients in:

  • Increasing inner awareness.
  • Developing prosperous habits.
  • Pay attention to self more.

As a Lover, I support my soul clients in:

  • Shining their divine light.
  • Finding and developing passions.
  • Turning away from fear and resistance.

As a Pusher, I support my soul clients in:

  • Committing to a purposeful life.
  • Challenging limiting beliefs/habits
  • Taking control of their lives

I bring my heart and soul to my work with others and organizations. I am a work in progress and enjoy sharing my journey of being my greatest self.

I am passionate about helping people conquer their doubts, blind spots, and self-sabotaging behaviors to create a future that makes a difference for themselves and everyone they interact with.

I’ve had a lot of successes in helping people navigate through personal and professional changes without fear and helping organizations make changes and grow leaders.

I teach self reliance, curiosity, integrity, truth and ultimately, life is a vapor.

The other stuff:

Victoria Lanier is an Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development expert who has over 2 decades of social service, workforce development, and higher education experience.

She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida A&M University and Masters’ in Industrial Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Victoria has been featured in Essence Magazine as one of 25 Influential People and Time’s magazine Person of the Year.

She serves as the principal Consultant and Trainer for the Viela | Group. She is also a Myers-Briggs Practitioner, Vision Coach, Birth Doula, Reiki Master and Business Investor.


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