How to Create Alternative Domain Names

What do you do when the domain you want isn’t available?

This happens a lot and not just to starter small businesses. For starter businesses, I’ve seen this roadblock stall out any progress or momentum but I’m here to share that it doesn’t have to. If the domain isn’t available it just requires some creativity and thinking out of the box.

Tesla and Square are 2 examples of big businesses who had to be creative about their online real estate.

  • TeslaMotors
  • SquareUp

I suggest creating phrases that give clear indicators of who you are but also shows off your business personality. Enjoy playing with words and emotions. Have fun!

What phrases can you think of for your business if the domain wasn’t available? Share them below in the comments.


Need to Increase Productivity?

Kudos to Ixchel at VXXO Studio for continuing to invest in herself and her business goals! She came to me about feeling disorganized and all over the place.  It was suggested that she purchase a journal or planner to carry with her everywhere (until I’m done developing a problem solving product.)

VG: Where did you get the journal you decided on?

Ixchel: I got it from Barnes and nobles on clearance.

VG:  I like that! I need to go look at what BN has left. (No I don’t!) Why did you pick that one?

Ixchel: Because of the calendar on top and the copper cactus, yesss!!

VG: How do you plan on using it?

Ixchel: It will help me stay on top of my weekly goals.

VG: How does the calendar up top work?

Ixchel: You circle your month and day.

VG: I like how you dumped your dates in there. It’s perfect because you can just refer back to it on the go.

Ixchel: I had to use my HUGE calendar as reference.

VG: You are on it! That’s purpose of having a big calendar at home. It serves as a master calendar. Ok, so does this work for your specific needs this year?

Ixchel: Yes, it will help me with setting a goal and sticking to it without getting distracted.

VG: What are you hoping to change by introducing the journal into your life?

Ixchel: To stabilize my productivity with less distractions. Also, I’m hoping to use the empty space to document my randomness for the week any inspirations, inspiring quotes, new ideas or weighed thoughts of creativity that won’t go away.

VG: You got it! That’s the point of having something you can carry everywhere!

Ixchel: I saw the moleskin journal that documents everything in your phone!! 199$ GANGSTA but first I need to get a purse out that fits what I have. (laughs)

VG: I look forward to your check in next month on how things are moving along for you and your art business.

VXXO Studio has been a long time client of the Viela Group. If you are in the Tempe, AZ area you can find Ixchel’s work for sale in the mall at One Mind Emporium store or commission a special one of a kind piece of art for your walls.  She is a teacher, healer, mother and community organizer who is planning to make her international appearance in Ibiza this year. Excited to see what else she will do this year! She can be found on facebook and IG for your artist needs.




Make the most of yourself

This quote actually begins with “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.”

I liked Golda Meir she was a straight shooter. She reminds me of the women in my family and myself.

As an entrepreneur it’s important to learn to trust yourself. It’s also important that you understand you hold the keys to a life better than something settled for.

Stroke your passions into a flame.

Endings and Beginnings

accuracy afternoon alarm clock analogue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This year has been a litany of events that I’ve made a conscious effort not to discuss and/or debate on. In the words of a famous forgetful named Dora, “Keep swimming.”

I have high hopes for this 4th quarter of 2018.

Goals include:

  • Being more consistent in my writing schedule. I have entirely too many projects that aren’t finished. I will complete 2 of them by the end of the quarter.
  • Being more committed in the development of my business ideas. I will launch a program by the end of October, one that has been sitting on my spirit for quite a while but I will have to put myself out there.
  • Being bolder in the risks I take to generate income. I will yield abundant results of each decision I make.
  • Being more focused to my healthy living lifestyle.  I will move more by completing a 5k, cook more at home, and stay positive.

I’ve heard many people respond on how fast this year has gone by and the truth is time moves whether we are actively pursuing our vision or not.  The program I’m launching addresses the fact that we still have time to achieve a couple of the goals we set at the beginning of the year.  I think accountability is key at this point and I’m offering that to a limited amount of people via email and/or phone.  Stay tuned for more on that as this post isn’t really to promote anything, my goal was to get back writing and set my intentions for everyone who is reading to see.

What goals do you have for this final quarter of the year?

You have a choice

I often tell my clients that more other than not, we do things we don’t like. Things like taking a bath, doing laundry, washing dishes and going to work on Monday. Despite our feelings we do it even though it’s recurring and only maintains a standard of living.

Do you wonder why you can’t do to the same for those activities that will lead us to a place of your dreams?

Wanna lose weight?

  • Change your diet
  • Move your body more
  • Track both until you find what works
  • Make adjustment as needed

This example is classic because as simple as this rinse and repeat formula is, the habits we need to let go is truly what slows down progress. The fear of letting go of that comfort zone prevents us from achieving our dreams.

At some point in life, a decision has to be made to either be about it or be real with it.

Be real about how your fears are bigger than your dreams so stop stressing yourself out over it and go with the flow.

Be about it and feel the fear and discomfort as you work to rebuild, rework and recalibrate your thoughts and habits towards your motivation.

Trust me I know how hard it is to be about it but in the next couple of weeks let’s unpack the thoughts and habits that we allow to hold us back.

What do you want to be about?

Push Through

I stand on the edge of the cliff daily — waiting.

I know I’m not alone though.  I see you standing there, you might not be as close to the edge as me but you are on the cliff with me.  It’s a constant scene, us standing here as the sunsets and the sunrises.  What are we waiting on?

A sign?

The sign is we are still here.

Honestly, that has to be enough for us to trust that nothing changes until we take the big step or leap into that scary place called the our destiny.

All around us destiny unfolds without a fight.

The seed pushes through the soil to become a sprout. This doesn’t guarantee that it will become a flower, a tree, etc but it pushed through to begin its natural journey.  Be a seed that becomes what it was imprinted to be.

The bird doesn’t live in the nest all its life. There comes a time when it has to trust that its wings what there were designed to do.  Sometimes the mother push the chick out when she notices it questioning its nature and purpose.  Be a bird and use your wings to fly.

Doctors guess or manipulate when babies are born however, if we let nature run its course, babies know when its time to enter the world.  The record for the longest pregnancy was in 1945, a woman named Beulah Hunter carried her baby for 375 days. This is an extra 3 months.  Be a baby and leave the comforts of your environment.

There comes a time when we have to just trust the call to jump even though we are scared shitless. Be what you are being pushed to be.

How can I help?

Open The Door

My new kitchen is much smaller than my last one and even though I deliberately moved into a smaller space to force myself to downsize, it has been an emotional process to have to let go of things.

I constantly have to remind myself of my WHY.

My spices have been just sitting on my counters waiting for me to deal with them. I’ve been avoiding this task so much that I haven’t even really re-establish my cooking routine. Yesterday, I was over it and decided to assess how much space I truly have so I can handle this spice issue that’s not going anywhere.

I grabbed my stool and opened all my cabinets and was greeted with 3 empty shelves! How did that happen?! What in the world?!

My entire demeanor changed! I can’t even express how excited seeing that made me feel.

I exhaled after holding my breath in my dread and fear for weeks. I exhaled the fear of lack and contraint that had built up unwarranted.

How often do we hold on out of fear?

Holding on hurts way more than letting go ever could but something in our minds won’t let us believe that. I’m here to tell you let go, breathe and open those doors. You will be surprised what you find on the other side.

I now have clean and clutter free counters with room to spice up my life even more. Happiness!

Is there something you have been avoiding to look at because you don’t know what you be required to do once you do?

Let’s change our minds and open some doors.

Do the Work

I’m the queen of distraction through service. It’s easy to focus on building others up and ignore yourself. If ever there was a time to put time into self, it’s now.

Seasons are master for a reason. It is not meant for us to manipulate and attempt to change to fit our personal agendas. Life truly moves with ease and more clarity when we go with the seasonal flow.

Sit still and do the work.

Be okay in there knowledge that we are moving even when we don’t feel it.

What things have you avoided working on?

My Field of Dreams

I’m been a bit low key on social media for a minute after my last event.  It was a humbling event for me because it made me really ask myself “WTF are you doing?” Like seriously, I tend to have all these ideas and sometimes that makes unsure on which ones to pull the trigger on.  What’s the saying, “Think long, think wrong.

I knew ahead of time that the event wouldn’t be successful but I felt it was important internally for me to just follow through.  My hope sprung eternal even though I knew this and I thought “what if” so let me be prepared for the possibility.  I spent too much money but I was able to return most of the party items.

It was a “Wine down with a Wish”, then is was “with a Twist” then is was “with a Purpose”. Clearly the only thing that was for sure was there would be wine, right?! I wanted to introduce my group coaching but was unsure how to present and promote it.  As a friend told me, “You were basically bribing people to come to your event with alcohol. You were essentially bamboozling them.” I had to agree and maybe that’s why I knew it wouldn’t work because that’s not my way.  I’m pretty sincere in my approach but this felt confusing.

One thing I enjoyed at the event is I was able to speak to a gentleman about his big dream in life.  You know the scary one and he told what it was and it seemed reasonable and obtainable.  So, I asked him what was his obstacle.  I watched him silently grapple with whether or not he wanted to share something like that with a mere stranger but I looked at him encouragingly and he revealed it.  It was almost like the air of the balloon released in the room especially when I supported his pursuit by providing resources and guidance to remove the obstacles.  It felt great to be able to gain this man’s trust for someone as small as a dream.  But I understand that once upon a time dreaming was expected and then it becomes inappropriate.  No one wants someone to criticize or downplay their dream.

I thank that gentleman for allowing me a chance to see my dream flourish.  I believe that one dream heard and support is a start.  I hope to one day be able to provide others with a safe space to share their dreams and progress towards with support and a gang of fans.  I want to do this locally and offline because I feel so much of our interaction is online that we’ve lost the finesse of connecting in real life and people are experiencing loneliness and isolation at a younger age.

This mission to connect and support dreams pushes me out of my comfort zone because I’m a social butterfly online but I know and desire something tangible more.  See a need and feed it and it often times begins within or close to home.

https://youtu.be/qwB7fRI-jp8 – If you build it they will come.

Questions: Who do you share your dreams with? Would you share them in a group of strangers?

New Year, Eternal Love

I’m officially a year older and while I don’t look much different, I feel a shift in my thoughts and energy. For the good.

I took my annual week off to do whatever I wanted and did so with some incident but none worth mentioning.

I spent some time visiting the state of Arkansas relaxing and sightseeing, enjoying some concerts, partying with friends, and watching myself enjoy the pleasures of life. I also got to see the power of the spoken word and I must say I believe in my magic.

I also spent time thinking about my next move and assessing where I am on the road to where I want to be. I’m a few years off realistically of my benchmark goals but I know the universe doesn’t care about time so I just need to be ready for the pop off. I’m decided to put it all out there for the next 3 years and go after the biggest and scariest dreams ever. Reaching for those things that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Excited and naturally afraid of what’s to come but I want no regrets moving forward. Let not any obtainable opportunities go untouched.

It will be a year of eternal love and magic making.

Do you consider your birthday a new year for you? How do you celebrate it?