The Audacity

Social Media has a way of making cowards feel like a lion. People say things to strangers they wouldn’t dare say in their face. I also think following others and seeing them on your timeline breeds a sense of familiarity.

Problem is unless you know people in real life, you don’t really know anything other than what they choose to share. It’s amazing the assumptions people make based on what is shared.

Had someone come into my DMs and tell me I wasn’t serious about my journey because I hadn’t reached my goal yet. I looked at that message and saw fire. How dare someone who has passively observed me for years and would probably not recognized me in the streets feel comfortable enough to tell me I wasn’t serious about my journey? It’s easy to do sitting in your recliner while eating your TV dinner.

After I got that out, I was reminded that I didn’t have to defend myself to an observer. I also understood in that moment how important it is to have a purpose for my online shares. I often randomly share things or post a picture that I liked for the sake of it being archived someone besides on my phone.

Lesson learned and 1 that was needed as I focus more and more on curating content directed at the audience I desire to influence and walk with. I will be very deliberate and intentional in my online presence from this point on. This is a good thing.

It’s time to adjust and change directions a bit.

If someone looked at your social media feed, what impression would they have of you? Is it true? What’s your reason for sharing online?

Share with me in the comments.

Busting Loose

I love to see the pictures of James Baldwin dancing with pure abandonment.

Despite all the obstacles going on during this time in history, he always was ready to hit the dance floor when the music was right. Shout out to Lorraine Hansberry and Maya Angelou for not letting him dance alone!

Let's let Jimmie lead you on to the dance floor so you too can let loose. Life can be heavy and full of responsibilities and challenges but at the end of the day, a little spontaneity and a two step always lightens the load. Am I lying?

I know I love to break out in song and dance in department and grocery stores. I usually start off with a hand clap, then a finger snap and a head nod before my body slays to the beat and I begin to belt the song out from my soul. I bet I look crazy to the people around me but in that moment my happiness and joy supercedes anyone's thoughts of me.

I know I'm not crazy but I do know that's my jam so I don't deprive myself of the pleasure it induces within me. I literally forget about all the problems in my life and go with the flow.

We all have moments when life is getting heavy and we need to find a light. Where can you always go to loosen life's grip on you?

Share how you loosen up in the comments below.

Let’s Move Something.

#shouldprobablybeablog #whateveryougonnareadme #epiphanypost 
Thing about me is I’m an idea generator (they gush out of me at a pretty steady flow) plus I’m trained to see holes (this tends to cause the direction of my flow to switch) but I also know Im not going to live forever so I can’t save the world, I can only do my part as small or as big as it may be. In doing so, I seek solutions to problems. 
I recently spoke to a wise man about my vision for myself and he asked a simple question that I had to say no to. That question made me come back down to earth and the no removed a veil from my eyes. I appreciated him telling me I was in the people business. 

Now, we could sit around and talk about all the issues of the world but how do we alleviate or even minimize them?! I’m looking to partner with others who have solutions and need help using this platform to get the word out. I want to be known as community resource, community developer, a builder of institutions and a brilliant mind that offers solutions to social problems. 

I don’t want to be part of the wishbone clan but the backbone empire. Let’s lay out the social problems and develop solutions, frameworks and models for people/organizations to use to further their mission. 

Please share me below what do you need help with. 


As long as I can remember I’ve considered myself to be more of a realist than an optimist but lately I have shifted to focusing on the good things versus the known bad things. 

This new shift surprises me but I feel lighter because my thoughts aren’t as gloomy. 

I’d rather float on a cumulus cloud than stand under one waiting for the rain. 

We all have a choice to believe that good is around the corner. We move faster when we aren’t waiting for the other shoe to drop.  

I’m starting to truly be excited about what’s next, I call this “Gleeful Anticipation”. It feels like a school girl crush reciprocated, a full ice tray on a hot summer day, free stuff and a orange slip in the mailbox. 


Pushing through

Yesterday, I did my first non-sport/work photo shoot. Was very nervous as I’ve never really been the type to smile all up in a camera. Even in team pictures, I would be the one not smiling. Mostly it was because I hadn’t perfected the fake smile and I don’t do fake. But part of my growth is doing more things outside of what I would normally do, in other words “get off my square”. 

After talking to a colleague who always has her face on, she suggested I go to MAC and let them beat my face. So I went and got my makeup done for the cost of some product.  I tried to make choices that pushed me and I honestly I barely recognized myself afterwards.

I had to pick my niece up from daycare on the way to the shoot so I was dressed and the ladies were gushing over me. So embarrassing! Their reactions is one reason I tend to stay low key but it makes no sense to me as I make moves to push myself into the light more. 

The shoot was fun! The photographer listened to me and directed me through about 5 scenes that fit what I’m hoping will reflect my personality. I can’t wait to share them with you. 


Too often we get caught up with telling everyone what we have going on, what we dream to happen and it turns into a party with drinks and cheers. Unfortunately, the aftermath is a hangover out of this world and no movement towards what you discussed the night before.

An elder once said “As long as your gums are flapping, your feet are waiting for their turn to move.” or an even more familiar one is “You can’t walk and talk at the same time.”

Use your energy being action oriented. ┬áLet your actions speak for you. People are forced to pay attention to results. If you have have people who doubt you or even worse, make you doubt yourself – this is the best way to serve them their crow.

Think about what you want and take a step right now towards it. ┬áReal G’s move in silence anyway.

What’s the move today, Victorious Ones! (Respond after you’ve made it.)

It Takes Energy To Fail

Yes, I said it! 

As long as you breathe air, you are consuming energy. It’s up to you have you spend your energy.  

You can use it to sit and watch tv or you could use it to sit at the computer and book a flight to a destination you’ve always wanted to know. 

In both instances, you’re perhaps using the same amount of energy but you make a choice how to spend it. 

Another example of this is have you ever notice how hard lazy people work at doing nothing?! I mean the effort and energy they put into ducking and dodging so they don’t have to do anything, could be easily converted at a shorter rate on getting the job done. 

Are you using your energy to fail or succeed?