The Viela Group

What does Viela stand for?

  • v. vie – to strive for victory (English)
  • n. viela  – alley way, gap (Portuguese)
  • n. vie – life (French)
  • n. viela – the secret weapon for business innovation; who businesses go to for ease during times of change and confusion; you win, we win.

Founded in 2007

The Viela | Group began as a business consulting and training & development firm working with non-profit organizations in New York City.  We were hired to reduce failure of programs by evaluating and developing programs focusing on the mission and needs of the service population. We have developed programs for NAACP, Boy Scouts of America, Catholic Charities and a host of others. We received our clientele through word of mouth and were quickly labeled a “secret weapon for innovation” in an industry where new perspectives are highly coveted.

Our Evolution

In 2011, we added accountability programs to our services.  With close to 10 years of experience and hundreds of life and work transformations, by creating a mentoring and group coaching community both online and offline with people who desire continuous and strategic improvement through partnerships and connections.  

In 2019, we’ve grown to include business support and management services to overwhelmed business owners. We are invested in reducing small business failure and want to provide ways to ease entrepreneurs while building a business and/or preparing to scale. 

We are excited about the possibilities and intend to continue to add value to our community by being a partner that provides solutions to small businesses growth and success.

Let’s grow, transform, pivot and partner!! 



Small Business Consultation

We will spend up to 2 hours brainstorming and creating a business strategy and action plan for small businesses. A written report is included.



Organizational Assessment

A consultant will review every facet of the business and provide a detailed and thorough report with recommendation for improvements.



Small Business Accountability Partnership

Are you a bit disorganized? Do you find reasons not to do what you must? Need an objective ear and a critical ear? Do you need help launching a project? If this is you then this 3 month partnership is just for you: - 3 Months of Accountability Calls (minimum) - Unlimited Emails/Texts - Staff to Assist with Backend work on project




If you want to be a better entrepreneur, business owner, or if you want to create a better foundation for your organization, I look forward to partnering with you.

Click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.